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The Logo of Kurdistan Democratic Party- Turkey

KDP-T awarded license in Turkey after 49 years


Hemin Salih
BasNews, Erbil


Kurdistan Democratic Party – Turkey (KDP-T) was established secretly in 1965 but has recently been granted a formal license from the Interior Ministry in Turkey.

It will be the first political party in Turkey to have the word “Kurdistan” in its name.
The license, allowing the party to exist in legal terms, was granted by the Interior Ministry on the request of the KDP-T.  
The head of the KDP-T, Mohammed Amin Kardash, told Turkish media that the Interior Ministry of Turkey has formally confirmed the KDP-T’s license, allowing it to operate legally as a political party.

He also proudly said that the KDP-T is the first licensed party in the country with the word “Kurdistan” in its name.
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