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Iranian Soldiers has fought against ISIS insurgents in Iraq

ISIS kills 23 Iranian Soldiers in Iraq


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BasNews, Iraq

So far the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) has killed 24 Iranian Quds Soldiers during fighting in Iraq in the last month.

According to Iraqi local media, since the start of ISIS attacks in Iraq and Iranian involvement in the clashes, 23 Iranian soldiers have been killed by ISIS with most of them killed in Samarra, a city north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

According to Iraqi media, most of the Iranian soldiers have been killed in cities and towns near the Iraqi Capital, as they are protecting Baghdad and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki from any ISIS attacks.

The Iranian government has been a strong backer of the Iraqi Shiite-led government and its Prime Minister Maliki and has been involved in the recent fightings between Iraqi Army and ISIS insurgents.

Four of the Iranian soldiers were of high rank and the Iranian embassy in Baghdad will supervise the transfer of the bodies from Iraq to Iran.

The Iranian bodies are first transferred to Najaf, a holy city for Shiite people, and then to Iran via plane.

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